drug rehab aftercare

The Importance of a Drug Rehab Aftercare Program

Your time in drug rehab is just the beginning of a lifelong recovery journey. After completing substance abuse treatment, you’ll want to sustain sobriety and other positive lifestyle changes. A drug rehab aftercare program, or alumni program, keeps clients involved in a strong, supportive recovery community long after treatment ends. Aftercare planning is an important…

extended residential rehab treatment in WV

What’s the Timeline of Extended Residential Rehab Treatment?

Recovery is a lifelong process. For many clients, extended residential rehab treatment provides the time and space to work on mental and emotional health, grow confident in coping skills, and develop a strong sober community. It may be helpful to think of treatment as a continuum since your needs will be different at each recovery…

valentines day depression

How to Overcome Valentine’s Day Depression

Valentine’s Day isn’t always filled with hearts and flowers. It’s a time when many people feel sad, lonely, and unfulfilled. February 14th, when the holiday is celebrated, falls right in the middle of winter—when the dark, cold weather already causes people to seek depression treatment for seasonal affective disorder. And a holiday that emphasizes romantic…

Non Medical Detox Abstinence Clinic

How Does a Non-Medical Detox Abstinence Clinic Work?

There are several different ways to approach recovery. Ideally, you want to find a recovery method that will lead you to a lifetime of sobriety, good health, and fulfillment. One option that’s been successful for many people is a non-medical detox abstinence clinic, and this treatment may be right for you or a loved one.…