Woman and therapist discussing how does suboxone treatment work

How Does a Suboxone Program Work?

Breaking the cycle of opioid dependence can be a difficult challenge, even when you’re determined to recover. Medication-assisted treatment in a Suboxone treatment program has helped many people overcome physical dependence on opioids, focus on treatment, and look forward to the future. How Does Suboxone Treatment Work? Suboxone is one of several medications approved by…

a doctor at a suboxone rehab answers a woman's questions about the suboxone program before she enters a suboxone treatment program

How a Suboxone Treatment Program Could Help Your Mental Health

Physical and mental health are connected, and opioid addiction affects both. Many people with substance abuse issues also have diagnosed mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. That’s why it’s important for rehabilitation programs to take care of both the body and the mind. A Suboxone treatment program is a form of medication-assisted treatment that…

a doctor discusses delaware mental health facilities and lotus mental health programs with a man interested in dual diagnosis treatment

3 Benefits of a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Delaware

For people struggling with substance use and mental health issues, dual diagnosis treatment can be the best road to recovery. Substance use disorders and mental health conditions often occur at the same time. The most effective mental health treatment programs consider both issues together, rather than treating either one in isolation. A dual diagnosis program…

a doctor at a methadone clinic describes methadone clinics in delaware to a man interested in methadone detox centers

3 Advantages of a Methadone Clinic

Methadone clinics are a groundbreaking form of medication-assisted treatment for drug addiction. Methadone is a medicine specifically designed to block the addictive properties of opioids, including prescription painkillers and heroin. It’s one of the most affordable and widely used treatment medications in the rehabilitation space. When clients enter treatment at methadone clinics in Delaware, they’re…

Suboxone Treatment

3 Benefits of Suboxone Treatment

For people working to overcome substance use disorders, medication-assisted treatment can be a helpful resource. Suboxone is one of the many medications available to help with recovery. Whether you’re returning to sobriety after a relapse or pursuing treatment for the first time, a Suboxone treatment program can ease the withdrawal process. Find a Suboxone treatment…

what is a methadone clinic

How Does a Methadone Clinic Work?

You may have heard of methadone clinics, but you might not know how they can help with recovery. For people struggling with addictions to opioids, medications like methadone can curb cravings and ease the pains of withdrawal. Medication-assisted treatment is an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment that can lead to lasting sobriety. Those who are…

man getting treatment in methadone clinic to help his addition recovery

3 Ways a Methadone Clinic Aids in Addiction Recovery

Methadone treatment programs have a long history of helping clients break the cycle of substance addiction. Whether methadone treatment lasts for a short time or for several years, it can be an important component of a full, productive life in recovery. Our methadone clinic in Prices Corner, Delaware provides individualized treatment to clients recovering from…