individual in need of drug detoxMen and women struggling with drug addiction and dependence may find it impossible to stop using drugs and alcohol on their own. That’s due to the changes that long-term drug use can cause in the brain. However, a drug detox program can help. If you are struggling with addiction, this may be the best first step in your recovery process. At Lotus Recovery Centers, we offer a comprehensive, compassionate drug detox center designed to support your best outcome. Let us help you heal. 

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Why Do You Need Drug Detox?

When a person struggles with dependence, it becomes difficult to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. Sheer willpower is not enough to help make this change – no matter how much you want it. Dependence occurs when a person uses addictive drugs that change the brain’s chemistry. These drugs often cause an increased release of dopamine, a hormone that helps to create good feelings, energy, and euphoria. That’s the high you feel when using.

As a result of this, your central nervous system becomes dependent on the drug. You want it and crave it. Your body becomes so reliant that you cannot stop using the drugs. Intense withdrawal symptoms are common. This may include pain, anxiety, and illness. Drug detox can help you to get through this process.

Signs You May Benefit from a Detox Program

You may benefit from enrolling in our drug detox program in various situations. For those who are using highly addictive drugs, the use of drug detox is often necessary. You may also benefit from detox if you:

  • Use drugs on a consistent basis
  • Binge drink or often use a lot of drugs in a short period
  • Have overdosed in the past
  • Have relapsed in the past
  • Have used drugs or alcohol for a long time
  • Tried but could not stop using on your own

If you have signs of withdrawal symptoms when you don’t use, that’s an indication that you will benefit from drug detox. The sooner you invest in getting the help you need, the sooner you can rebuild your life.

What to Expect in a Drug Detox Center

Your experience in a drug detox program will differ based on the type of drugs you’re using, the severity of your drug addiction, and your long-term goals. Drug detox often includes having a full assessment to determine what your mental health and physical needs are. From there, you’ll learn about the various treatment options available.

Often, detox will involve the use of medications to ease some of your withdrawal symptoms. This may help to make it easier for you to detox. From there, you’ll work closely with a team of professionals to manage any of your medical needs. When you are in treatment, you should feel safe and protected.

If you struggle with mental health issues, those will be treated as well. When you’re able to effectively manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression, you’re less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope.

You’ll find there is help here for all of your needs. Learn more about our treatment programs and therapies, including:

  • Residential treatment programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Substance use disorder treatment
  • Mental health treatment programs

Take the First Step by Calling Lotus Recovery Centers Today

Making the decision to get help for drug detox is one of the most important steps in transforming your life. It is not easy to admit you need help, but every person in your position needs this support. Our team at Lotus Recovery Centers is here to help. Our comprehensive drug detox center is the ideal starting point for your recovery. To learn more, reach out to us online or call 833.922.1615 today.