man starting a drug rehab aftercare programFor those in recovery from substance use disorders, ongoing support can make a difference. Even after completing a treatment program, you might face challenges in the form of triggers that could cause you to relapse. However, participating in a drug rehab aftercare program can help you succeed.

At Lotus Recovery Centers, we offer drug rehab aftercare programs in Prices Corner, DE as part of our full continuum of care. Learn more by contacting our team today at 833.922.1615.

What Is Aftercare?

Aftercare is a term used to describe any kind of ongoing care that individuals in recovery receive after leaving treatment. Returning back to everyday life after treatment can be challenging. The purpose of aftercare is to help those in recovery maintain their sobriety and reach their full potential.

An aftercare program might include:

  • Therapy
  • Support groups
  • Participation in an alumni program
  • 12-step meetings
  • Sober living

At Lotus Recovery Centers, we create personalized treatment plans for every client, and our aftercare programs are no exception.

Our Aftercare Program

Our drug rehab aftercare program actually begins while you are in treatment. We use relapse prevention techniques to help our clients identify potential triggers for relapse and plan for ways to either avoid them or deal with them in a healthy way.

For example, stress can be a potential trigger for substance abuse. Feeling overwhelmed at work or going through conflict with a family member or friend can make an individual in recovery want to drink or use drugs. However, in our treatment programs, we help our clients plan for what they can do instead in these instances, such as call someone else who is in recovery, attend a 12-step meeting, or make an appointment for a therapy session.

Those in our aftercare programs in Prices Corner, DE can also take advantage of our extensive alumni network. Former clients who have gone through treatment can serve as pillars of support for one another during difficult times. They might plan fun events or set up online groups that others can join. Making sure that every client has the support they need is part of our mission.

Sober Living in Prices Corner, DE

For some individuals who complete treatment programs for addiction, sober living can be an invaluable resource during the early days, weeks, or months of recovery. In a sober living program, clients live in a drug-and-alcohol free residence along with others in recovery. This living situation can provide accountability and support.

Not everyone has a supportive or safe living situation to return to after treatment. At Lotus Recovery Centers, we set our clients up for success. This involves ensuring that our clients receive support even after they complete a formal treatment program. In sober living, residents find help and guidance for their journey to recovery. They make a commitment to stay clean and sober, and might also commit to ongoing therapy or 12-step meetings. If you aren’t sure whether your current living situation will offer support and a drug-and-alcohol-free environment, our team can help.

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The aftercare program in our Prices Corner, DE location can help you maintain your sobriety long-term.

We’ve removed barriers to success in recovery. Whether you’ve been through treatment before or have decided to reach out for the first time, we can help. Our low-cost treatment center works with Medicaid as well as private insurance to keep costs low. And our outpatient programs ensure that our clients can find a treatment plan that fits their schedules.

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