woman in dual diagnosis treatment

4 Signs You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you struggle with substance dependency and mental illness, or if someone you love does, a dual diagnosis treatment program may be the right choice. Substance abuse and mental health conditions frequently go hand in hand. Sometimes one condition can cause or worsen the other. For instance, someone might start drinking excessively or using addictive…

Woman in Mat addiction treatment

Are There Advantages to MAT for Addiction?

For clients recovering from opioid and alcohol use disorders, finding the right treatment is essential. We offer a variety of treatment plans at our West Virginia and Delaware centers and tailor each plan to meet each client’s needs. The right road to recovery for you or your loved one may include the use of medication-assisted…

Doctor explains what a crisis stabilization clinic is

What Is a Crisis Stabilization Clinic?

Those experiencing mental health or substance abuse crises often need immediate intervention, and a hospital may be the first place you think of when you reach out for help. But a crisis stabilization clinic may be a better setting for short-term care and long-term recovery. Crisis stabilization clinics, like Lotus Recovery Centers’ inpatient center in…

doctor explaining the need for a mat rehab

How to Choose a MAT Rehab for Addiction Recovery

When struggling with an addiction, one of the first steps after acknowledging your dependence is finding a facility where you can receive treatment. If you’re struggling with a severe addiction to opioids or fear that you may be at risk for relapse, you’re likely considering an inpatient stay that offers medication-assisted treatment plans. You might…

group beginning a suboxone program

5 Benefits of a Suboxone Program

A MAT (medication-assisted treatment) program is an addiction recovery program that uses traditional evidence-based therapies alongside prescription medication. Many medication-assisted treatment programs use the prescription brand-name treatment Suboxone to ease withdrawal symptoms and reinforce recovery success. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, you may be interested in a Suboxone treatment…