About Lotus Recovery CentersLotus Recovery Centers exists to provide high-quality substance abuse treatment to those in our communities. We offer comprehensive addiction treatment that changes the lives of our clients. Through medication-assisted treatment, individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and abstinence-based treatment, we can help you or a loved one break free of addiction and discover life without drugs or alcohol.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be an innovative leader in providing integrated healthcare for clients in the communities we serve. Our community-based organization is committed to accessibility and personalized treatment. Every client in our care should leave treatment with a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Our organization was founded on the idea that a patient-centered approach best serves the community. We create personalized treatment plans for everyone in our care. At Lotus Recovery Centers, you’ll find compassionate, dedicated teams made up of therapists, counselors, and addiction treatment specialists who understand that addiction is a disease. Through both medication and counseling, every individual is capable of long-term success in recovery. We’ll help you get there.

Our Core Values

We incorporate our core values into everything we do:

  • To ensure that every person should have access to exceptional, timely, and integrated healthcare services.
  • To continue to re-examine the services we provide and make intentional decisions to improve those services.
  • To be empathetic and compassionate listeners.
  • To value diverse history, relationships, cultures, and needs.
  • To treat each person that enters our clinic with respect and dignity.
  • To ensure our teams foster integrity and ethics, both internally and externally.

Who We Serve

Individuals who are struggling with substance abuse of any kind can find help and hope at Lotus Recovery Centers. We provide a wide range of services, from detox to outpatient care, to help our communities find lasting healing. We believe that a better future is within your reach.

Some of the communities we serve include:

  • Those with an addiction to opioids, including prescription painkillers and heroin
  • Individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction
  • Those with other substance use disorders
  • People who have gone through other treatment programs and have relapsed
  • Individuals who are seeking treatment for the first time

With centers in Delaware and West Virginia, a Lotus Recovery Center is just a phone call away. Reach out to us today to discover the difference our treatment programs can make.

The communities that Lotus Recovery Centers serves have felt the impact of the opioid epidemic. We’re here to bring hope. Watch our videos to see how we’re helping both West Virginia and Delaware residents through drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Our Services

Lotus Recovery Centers provides a wide range of addiction treatment services to our communities. We’re making substance abuse treatment more accessible than ever, with a streamlined admissions process. Our approach to treatment incorporates evidence-based therapies with medication and counseling.

Our services include:

  • Residential Treatment – Inpatient care, available at our West Virginia Treatment Center, is often necessary for the challenging early days of recovery
  • Outpatient Treatment – While in outpatient care, offered at our Price’s Corner Treatment Facility, clients can work on developing healthy coping skills with support from our treatment center
  • Detox Centers – We provide medical help and counseling during the withdrawal process.
  • Methadone Program – While no medication can cure substance use disorders, methadone can help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Suboxone Program – Suboxone can relieve painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and help clients curb cravings

Whether you’ve been in treatment before or are reaching out for the first time, Lotus Recovery Centers can help.

Contact Lotus Recovery Centers Today

We’ll help you get started in the next chapter of your journey. Reach out to our team today at (833) 922-1615 to learn more about Lotus Recovery Centers. Healthcare professionals and former and current clients can also refer individuals to our treatment centers. Our team is available to answer questions, tell you more about our programs, and begin the admissions process right away.