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Client-Centered Care for Substance Abuse

About Us

Lotus Recovery Centers are substance abuse treatment centers that work to bring access to quality addiction and behavioral health services to clients in our communities. We improve the lives of our clients through innovative, compassionate care.

Our Locations

Our treatment centers are located in Delaware and West Virginia. We offer both outpatient and inpatient care for those struggling with addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other substances.

Our Services

By offering a wide variety of affordable healthcare services, Lotus Recovery Centers is a valuable resource to our communities. From residential and outpatient treatment to medication-assisted treatment, we can help you or a loved one recover from substance abuse.


Detox Centers

Our detox programs allow clients to go through withdrawal under medical supervision. We provide medical care and counseling during the early days of recovery.


Methadone Program

For those who are struggling with opioid addiction, our methadone program can help promote long-term sobriety. This FDA-approved medication can ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.


Suboxone Program

Like methadone, Suboxone can reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but is typically used for a shorter length of time than methadone.


Abstinence Program

For many clients, the best treatment plan involves abstinence instead of medication-assisted treatment. Counseling and support can give you the strength you need for long-term recovery.


Residential Treatment

During the crucial early days of treatment, our residential program can help clients develop healthy coping skills for lasting sobriety.


Outpatient Treatment

Through outpatient care, clients can live at home and take care of daily responsibilities while still receiving support and care from our treatment center.


Primary Care

Whether you're experiencing health issues as a result of substance abuse or just need help to get on the road to recovery, we offer primary care services to help you.

Patient Referrals

Current and past clients of Lotus Recovery Centers can easily refer new patients to our treatment centers. If someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, connect with us today.

Healthcare Referrals

If you’re a healthcare or legal professional and have a client in need of substance abuse treatment, reach out to Lotus Recovery Centers today. Our straightforward admissions process makes it possible for new clients to begin treatment right away.

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Lotus Recovery Centers fav white Color

Lotus Recovery Centers

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