woman going through mental health treatmentMany of those who struggle with substance abuse also face mental health challenges that make it difficult to maintain sobriety long-term. For some, substance abuse serves as a coping mechanism for mental health issues like anxiety or depression. However, abusing drugs or alcohol can actually exacerbate these symptoms, leading to a dangerous cycle that is hard to break. At Lotus Recovery Centers, we offer mental health treatment through our addiction treatment programs that include therapies designed to help those with mental health issues develop healthy coping skills to support their recovery.

In therapy, clients work through past experiences, unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behaviors, and find new ways to work through challenges in the future. Through therapy for mental health disorders, you can learn how to manage your symptoms while also healing from trauma. At Lotus Recovery Centers, we offer a range of therapy services designed to support your best outcome.

How Therapy Can Support Your Mental Health

Sometimes called psychotherapy or talk therapy, mental health therapy is the process of working through the challenges you face as a result of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. In therapy, you won’t just spend time talking about your feelings, though learning from your past decisions is important. Under the direction of a therapist, you’ll work on the following:

  • Learning about your addiction and mental health issues and how they impact you
  • Exploring any past trauma that brought you to this point
  • Learning how to control your thoughts to minimize negative outcomes
  • Finding out how to manage stress and challenges in a healthy way
  • Understanding the signs of potential mental health issues
  • Learning to communicate more effectively

The goal of therapy is to help you learn more about yourself and how you can move forward into a healthier, happier future.

Our Mental Health Therapy Options

We create individualized treatment plans to meet the needs of each of our clients. When you enroll in our therapy services, you’ll work one-on-one with a therapist who will help to better understand what’s happening with you. It is through this process that he or she can make recommendations for the types of addiction therapy that may be best suited to your situation.

Group Therapy

While one-on-one therapy is an important part of treatment, group therapy allows clients to spend more time in sessions. Additionally, during group therapy, you’ll find a network of support from others in recovery or who are working on their mental health. Under the direction of a therapist, you’ll discuss past experiences as well as your challenges and triumphs in recovery.

Family Therapy

Addiction and co-occurring mental health issues can cause damage to relationships. In family therapy, you’ll work through conflict with loved ones with the help of an experienced therapist. Having the support of your family in recovery can be invaluable for maintaining sobriety long-term.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is an evidence-based therapy that helps participants understand how their reactions and thought patterns lead to unhealthy behaviors. During CBT sessions, clients work with a therapist to develop healthy coping skills.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT places emphasis on mindfulness and helps those in recovery find healthier ways to process negative emotions and work through challenging situations in the future.

Explore Treatment and Find Support at Lotus Recovery Centers

Addiction recovery starts when you call Lotus Recovery Centers to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and our mental health therapy services. In our treatment centers in Delaware and West Virginia, we work to keep treatment affordable and accessible. We accept both Medicaid and private insurance and work with each client to ensure that they receive the help they need. Whether you’re reaching out for yourself or for a loved one, our team can help. Contact Lotus Recovery Centers at 833.922.1615 or reach out to us online today.